Private Notes/Mortgages Funding Your IRA or 401K? Real Estate Deals in Your IRA or 401K? Gold, Silver, and Other Precious Metals in Your IRA or 401K? Foreign Currency Trading in Your IRA or 401K? Stocks in Your IRA or 401K Buying Tax Liens/Certificates in Your IRA or 401K?

Private Notes/Mortgages Funding Your IRA or 401K?

Tight Credit Markets Favor Buying & Selling of Private Notes/Mortgages

Real Estate Deals in Your IRA or 401K?

Is the real estate buying opportunity of a lifetime now upon us?

Gold, Silver, and Other Precious Metals in Your IRA or 401K?

Learn how, why, when to add them to your retirement account

Foreign Exchange Trading

Foreign Currency Trading in Your IRA or 401K?

Can FOREX and changing world economics benefit your retirement account?

Stock Market Investing

Stocks in Your IRA or 401K

Is your retirement 100% dependent upon Wall Street's Retirement Roulette?

Buying Tax Liens/Certificates in Your IRA or 401K?

Learn how safe, stable returns can also offer some windfall profits?


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Featured Article: Why Use a Commercial Policy for Your Rentals

Tim Norris

Tim Norris

Real estate investors often begin their investing careers by acquiring single-family homes, and they typically obtain property insurance coverage through the same agent or carrier who provides their homeowners policy. Either through education or networking, most of these investors eventually come across a commercial insurance agent or fellow investor who brings them up to speed on the use of commercial policies for rentals.  This article serves novices and veterans alike in highlighting a host of reasons why a commercial policy is advantageous – possibly essential – even for just a single rental home.

The advantages of utilizing a commercial policy over a traditional rental policy are numerous, and can be broken down into two categories: policy advantages and cost savings. In addition to being a better solution financially, the breadth of availability of coverage options is far superior and serves investors much better than traditional homeowner policies. You’ll also find that dealing with a commercial agent offers many fewer headaches and restrictions that working through agents familiar only with residential homeowner policies.

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Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI)


The amount determined an individual’s 1040 tax return that determines eligibility for deductibility of contributions to an IRA or eligibility for Roth IRA contributions. The MAGI is determined by taking an individuals adjusted gross income (line 37) and adding back certain items such as foreign income, IRA deductions, etc.

Note: The MAGI for determining Roth IRA eligibility subtracts income from Roth IRA conversions, so that the conversions in a given year do not affect your eligibility for your annual contribution based on that year’s income.